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Arabica grass

Arabic grass is a creeper. As such, it grows by sending stolons sideways covering all available gaps. On the stolons, leaves grow on alternate nodes and in opposite directions. The stolons tend to be red-green. Once the gaps are filled, the grass produces numerous shoots. You got to step on this carpet grass without shoes!

Shade loving blue bamboo (Baby bamboo)

enerally, some of the most shade loving varieties of bamboo belong to the genera Fargesia and Borinda. Shorter, ground cover types of bamboo are also going to tolerate more shade, namely genera like Pleioblastus, Sasa and Sasaella.

Zimbabwe Grass

Zimbabwe grass is a a popular lawn grass with broad leaves that are light green in color. Unlike paspalum grass, the grass leaves are smooth and slightly curled along the edges. You will identify this grass by long thick stolons that radiate outwards from the main bunch.